Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Nicole Diary Stamping

Square Stamping Plate

Hi guys, I love my stamping and this square plate from Nicole Diary is one I like, but also a bit out my comfort zone. Plate ND108 has some great symmetrical images that co-join with shapes.

As you can see some nice designs that can be stamped directly onto nails or made into decals. This is what I have done for my 2 mani's, though with my first I did fill in some shape with colour after I'd stamped on my nails.
For my second I coloured in each section and placed on my nails when the decals were dry.
Two very different looks both from the same plate, with lots more possibilities for loads of different styles of nail art. 
You can find Nicole Diary on
I have 2 more square stamping plates to try out, so till then stay safe and much love..


  1. I love when you do reverse stamping!

  2. Gorgeous plate and gorgeous nail art!

  3. Wow I love this art with the stamping!

  4. Love this plate! That blue and white mani is flawless!

  5. Your reverse stamping is flawless!

  6. OOH! I love this plate. Such a neat concept.

    1. So not me but I just had too lol x

  7. I love how clean and graphic this plate is!

  8. Your reverse stamping is always perfection!