Saturday, 17 September 2016

VB Line Gel Polishes

Chamelon Gel Polish

Yay for Saturday and F1 weekend! Also time for me to share the last 6 Chamelon Gel Polishes from VB Line. These last 6 are really very pretty and possible my favourite.
1615 Blue Chamelon Metallic is an awesome electric blue shade that shifts to the most gorgeous shade of purple.
1617 Green Chamelon Metallic has a simply stunning transition from green to blue and looks utterly divine.
1619 Blue Chamelon Metallic is a lighter blue than the first, but still a lovely colour again with a purply colour shift.
1620 Purple Chamelon Metallic is more of a burgundy shade with a lovely transition to a warm golden brown.
1621 Green Chamelon Metallic. A very lovely colour. The colour shift was a bit harder to notice as it goes to a darker shade of green, from what I could see.
1626 Red Chamelon Metallic is just perfect for Autumn. A wine red to Brown colour shift and I love this one a lot.
Again these gel polishes are of a high and great quality. Low to no odour and just a dream to work with.
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The next lot of gels I will be showing you next are very special, so be sure to come back.
Stay safe and much love...