Friday 16 December 2016

Charlies Nail Art Review

Angel Charms

Time for another review for Charlies Nail Art which means it's Friday!! Yay :) Not long now till the big day, and I have another Christmas mani using some absolutely lovely Angel charms. For 69p you get 2 elegant 3D charms.
Again like the presents I reviewed last Friday, these charms have a slight curve so they fit nicely on the the natural curve of your nails.
I thought I'd also show you how these look sideways in my nails. And you can see I have a black base, as I wanted a delicate and elegant simple art to compliment these. So I went with simple star burst stripes in different shades of gold.

Simply striking over the dark base and looks beautiful. I stuck the charm with clear polish, and the curve helps it to adhere firmly
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Till next Friday, have a great weekend and as always safe and much love...


  1. Super cute--I love how you complemented the colors in the charm. :)

  2. You did a wonderful job incorporating the colors of the charm into your nail art.

  3. What a darling charm! You should try using it in a tree mani as the topper! That would be so cute!

  4. I always love what you do with charms!

  5. So incredibly beautiful, your nails are hella fabulous!