Saturday 8 August 2015

Aztec Stamping

Pueen 24m stamping plates 

Hello all, I have a busy day ahead, so just a short post for today. Yesterday I made a split decision to file my nails down. I like them long, but so much neater when filed. Plus with the new Pueen 24m plates I won, my nails were too long for some of the beautiful images. I can double stamp, but some designs you just can't, and I've tried and failed at stretching images.
Again it's time for the next challenge in @clairestelle8 instagram August challenge. Today's one us Aztec. I had a design in mind using a Pueen 24m plate 113.

I had my nails painted white already, and to this I used Beauty UK Posh Polish in Topaz. A beautiful micro glitter shimmery gold. I have had this for ages and the first time I've used it!

With Pretty Black Polish I stamped the image in between the cup and rose on this plate.

Pretty Black Polish is awesome for stamping, it's my new go to black stamping polish, and for only £1 too!!
A simple yet very pretty mani.
Have a great weekend and till next time stay safe and much love...