Wednesday, 3 September 2014

W7 Cosmic Nail Dust

Cosmic Nail Dust Challenge from W7

Hello and happy Wednesday to all you lovely people. I've had a busy start to this week, with the new school year about to start. On Twitter last week, W7 wanted nail bloggers to participate in a nail challenge with their Cosmic Nail Dust. I contacted them and was sent a beautiful almost neon pink polish called Raspberry Sorbet and a bright pink nail dust.

The idea behind this latest challenge from W7, was to create and 'out their nail art' using the polish and nail dust. I wanted to try something, even though I wasn't sure if it would work with loose glitter, so last night I painted my nails as I needed them to be totally dry for today.

How beautiful is this polish, and only needed one coat!! Applied so nice and dried pretty quick. So this morning I started by cutting some strips of striping tape, then I painted around my nails with PVA glue, to save on the clean up after using the cosmic nail dust. 

Silly me started and forgot to take pics of how I stuck the tape on my nails. I left my ringer finger as an accent nail. Painted with Raspberry Sorbet, sprinkled the dust over and carefully removed then tape. It was good to see it did work, and the loose glitter didn't spoil the look of the stripes.

Then with tweezers I picked off the dry glue. It came off in one go :) and made this mani so much easier to do.

So sparkly and blingy, a perfect look for a night out. Not really an 'out there' look but something different, and a different way to use loose glitter. You can follow W7 on facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
What do you think?
As always stay safe and much love..

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