Wednesday 24 September 2014

Red Roses for a Special Mum

Freehand Nail Art

Hello all, and let me first say I', so so sorry I haven't blogged for a while. Things have been hectic here and I wasn't feeling too great myself. I also had to file my nails as it seemed since I changed the shape of them I became more clumsy and have now ended up with 2 nail patched :( and every time I painted them it flopped and I didn't like what I had done.
On to todays nails, and has this day come around quickly again! For today it would have been my Mum's 70th birthday, and its so hard to believe that 20 years ago we were planning a surprise 50th party for her. I always do a Red Rose Nail Art on this day, and wanted today's to be very special. I started out by painting 2 coats of Sally Hansen Lavender Cloud.

Such a pretty colour and a perfect background for the freehand red rose's I was going to do.

I used these 3 acrylic paints, a dotting tool and a very fine detail brush to do the roses and leaves.

Then with the same fine detailing brush and the white paint, I added the rose detail.

The topcoat smooths out the acrylic paint and brings the nail art to life :)

Im so so happy with how these look, I hope you like them too :)
I have some new polish to review, gel nails that don't need a UV lamp to cure them! Never tried it before myself, but have been looking into gel nail polish, and thought I'd give this a try before investing in a UV lamp.
So till then stay safe and much love...