Thursday, 25 September 2014

Nutra Nail Gel Perfect

My First Gel Manicure

Hello all again, as promised here is my review of the Nutra Nails Gel Perfect 5 minute Gel-Color Manicure. This is my first ever time at using this product and my first ever gel mani! I have been thinking about getting a UV lamp and some gel polishes, but just incase I didn't like or get on with it I thought for £1 I would try this first. I found this along with a few other colours in my local PoundWorld and have heard that they do retail for £15!! The shade I have tried is Orchid, a very pretty deep berry shade polish.

With bare nails, I followed the instructions and lightly buffed and pushed my cuticles back. I opened the lid for all three bottles, as you do have to work quite quick when applying this. The only thing I did differently to the instructions was to do one nail at a time. It does say to do 5, but as the activator has to stay wet, I thought it may dry on the first nail I paint, by the time I painted the last. So after I painted the activator all over my nail, minding my skin and cuticle I too the polish brush, slightly wiped polish off as I took it out the bottle and placed the brush on the middle of my nail, the reason for this is the gel polish spreads out over the wet activator, the I started to brush and cover the nail. I did this on all nails on one hand. Then went back and started again doing the same thing and giving each nail a second coat. In between painting nails, I swapped the brush with the one in the brush cleaner bottle, as it tells you to do to stop the brushes getting clogged and clumped with the gel polish.
This is after the first coat of activator and gel polish,  as you can see I still managed to get some of it in my skin, I did find the polish spread very easy and was hard to control, but remember this was my first ever time trying this product. 

After the second coat I was able to clean up the mistakes with acetone and a brush, took a bit longer than a normal mani clean up, but still worked.

You can also see the colour better, as the flash went off with the first photo. I can say it did dry very very quickly, and was completely dry in under 5 minutes with a beautiful smooth glossy finish. Even my cindy hand came out good :)

For £1 I would recommend this to anyone whos interested in gel mani's, but I wouldn't pay £15, as the bottles are only small, 5ml gel polish, and there doesn't seem to be much activator in the bottle either. So my first gel mani and time trying this overall I'm really happy. For removal although Nutra Nail have a No Mess Express cleaner, which I was unable to find even though I wasn't really looking for it, the instructions say you can soak it off with acetone and foil. I will report back on my next blog post what the removal of this was like. 
Have you got or tried this before, or do you think it will be something you might try, I'd love to know, just drop me a comment.
Till next time stay safe and much love...

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