Monday, 8 September 2014

Polka Dots Nails Part 1

Unusual Polka Dot Nails

Hey lovelies, I mention on my facebook page that I wanted to try something different a do a few themed blog posts, the first being on Polka Dot Manicures. For the first one today I have done a manicure inspired by CristabellNails. To also prove you can do an awesome mani with bargain polish, I have used Pretty Pink Leather Effect, and Black Matte and Gloss.

With 2 different size dotting tool, one bigger than the other I did this...A line of bigger dots.

A dot either side of every second dot.

If it will fit on your nails, add another dot.

Fill in the sides, to look like the middle pattern.

When this has dried, use the base colour and the smaller dotting tool, and dot within the first dots to leave a outline. I did the colours the other way round on my ring finger to make an accent nail.

Before  topcoat..

With topcoat..

For a first attempt at this type of dotting manicure, I'm very happy with how this looks, and I think these two colours go so well together. What do you think of this mani, and would you have a go? If you do I'd love to see, feel free to post your photos on my facebook page.

Till the next Polka Dot Mani, stay safe and much love...

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