Monday, 15 September 2014

Polka Dots part 3/4

Rainbow Polka Dots

Hello all, hope you all had a great weekend. Mine was a busy one, but I still found time to do my nails again for a Disney themed event on facebook. 

Yet another Polka Dot mani, but making Mickey faces and Minnie's bow. I painted the bow freehand, filled in with the same red polish as my fingers and added the white dots. Although there are many different ways you can make a pretty polka dot nail art, the following one is the last in this theme of blog posts.
After painting my nails with one coat of Pretty matte black, I added random dots with a small dotting tool and MUA Whitewash.

Now this looks pretty like this and not the usual way I do dots on my nails, this was because I will be dotting over the white with rainbow coloured polishes, and just wanted the white to make the colours stand out more on the black base polish.

Jess polish in Satsuma, Playmate and Go Getter. La Femme Soul, a cheapy neon green polish, MUA Red Rose and the Blue I got from Primark. 
This was time consuming, but I dotted over each white dot with the same size dotting tool, and the end result looks amazing!

I waited for all the polish to dry before adding a topcoat, as I didn't want to smear any of the dots..

They remind me of Smarties :) and really colourful, I do love me a rainbow mani :) If you fancy having a go at this, be sure to share your photos on my facebook page
I'm still undecided about the next theme, so if you have any requests just comment below, and until next time, stay safe and much love...


  1. fun pretty mani hun I like it :) xxx

    1. Thanks Dawn, I like it, its like a mini disco ball on my nails ha ha xx