Saturday, 6 September 2014

Ombre Stamping

What to do...

Hello all, I really wasn't expecting to ever get my normal Saturday post ready for you guys. I changed the shape of my nails from squoval to ballerina or coffin, the first time ever I have changed them, was unsure at first but then glad I did.

Then I woke this morning and the nail on my middle finger on my swatching hand felt strange. When I looked at it properly I saw a split very low down in the nail. I have no idea how this happened, and then started to question myself this happened because I changed the shape of them. Went to write a status on facebook, only nail ladies will understand this lol, to find my phone wasn't working! To cut a long story short, basically my memory card has corrupted, and I have lost all my photos, videos and music. So these things made me late with doing my nails. Phoned sorted (with hubby's memory card for now), nail patched, I decided to save any more unwanted splits by filing them down. Then I had no inspiration or omph to paint them :( 
Not ready to let go of Summer colours just yet I have done a rainbow ombre mani.

I painted the colours like so on the sponge. Nails painted white and PVA glue around them to save on clean up.

I like it but its still too plain for me, so I added some stamping with MoYou Nails Jumbo plate that I won a while back.

I'm so glad my nails grow quickly, as they do feel short to me! I did stock up on jelly sweets yesterday too lol, as this seems to make them grow quick. 
I'm also happy with how these look, just a shame the sun had gone in by the time I had finished. What do you think? Drop me a comment, and I always reply.
Thanks for stopping by and as always stay safe and much love..

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