Monday, 24 October 2016

What's up Nails

Rose Nail Vinyls 

Hi peeps, how you all doing? Roses are one of my favourite flower looks for nails, so when I saw these Rose Nail Vinyls 
from What's up Nails I knew I had to pick them to review. 
A nice selection of single roses and multiple grouped together. They were a bit tricky to take from the backing paper, but the cut out pieces were easy to remove.
I painted my nails with a matte black polish and used various colours for each rose, and green for the leaves. Finished with another layer of matte top coat.

Super pretty and so detailed. I love how each rose looks so striking over the black base. These Vinyls are perfect for any time.
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Till next time, stay safe and much love...


  1. I really like the pale colors against the black. It gives them an edge.

  2. Those are cute and unique vinyls. I don't think I've seen anything like those before.

  3. Those look amazing! Your mani is perfection!

  4. Those rose vinyls are amazing! Beautiful mani!

  5. It looks so cool. I need these vinyls.

  6. I love how you used multiple bright pastels with these!

  7. Whoah, these are really nice and the nail art you created with them is beautiful. <3

  8. So stunning, that is such a unique vinyl!

  9. Gorgeous mani! These stencils are great for those of us who struggle with roses!

    1. They sure are, and so detailed too x