Tuesday, 4 October 2016

VB Line Gel Polishes

Fluff Cheese Collection 

Hello hello, and here I am with another new gel polish range from VB Line. I can honestly say although the name 'Fluff Cheese' doesn't really sound too appealing, these gels are super pretty. I'm not sure where this name came from, as to me these gels remind me of velvet or a granite marbled look in some very lovely pastel shades.
FL001 Red White
FL002 Orange Coral
FL003 Blue White
FL004 Pink White
FL005 Green Grey
FL006 Dark Blue White
FL007 Purple White
FL008 Dark Blue Purple
FL009 Dark Red Purple White
FL010 Hot Purple White
FL011 Black Purple White
FL012 Hot Green White
Also a bit speckled egg looking, and at first was funny to apply, but really it's just like using a glitter gel polish. The finish is smooth and very opaque coverage even with 1 coat. The gentle strands spread out nicely for an even coating. So don't let the name distract you from how beautiful this collection is.
My discount code is below and can be used on eitherVBLine.co.uk or VBLine.com, you can also find and follow them over on
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I still have some more very stunning gels to share with you all, and almost at the end of the collection.
Stay safe and much love....