Monday, 10 October 2016

VB Line Gel Polishes

Glitter Gel Polishes 

Even after all these reviews for VB Line, I'm still impressed by the overall quality, finish and colours of their gel polishes. Today I have 9 glitters to show you that have full nail coverage, and look absolutely stunning in the sun!
586 Purple Rose Mirror Glitter. 
432 Blue Green Glitter.
1215 Transparent Purple Silver.
1226 Dark Grey Silver Glitter.
1227 Dark Blue Silver Glitter.
404 Purple Silver Glitter.
1241 Light Grey Silver Glitter.
429 Dark Blue Glitter.
1218 Purple Silver Glitter.
 Each of these glitters look so much better once you apply the second coat. You could even do 3 thin coats, but they covered my nails really well. The different size and coloured glitters within these gels makes the look so pretty. Total smooth finish with the perfect sparkle in the sunshine. I use VB Line Top coat for all my reviews, sorry I never mentioned it till now (my bad!). It was the most awesome glossy finish. You can see these plus the other VB Line Gel Polishes in action over on my Instagram.
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  1. Imagine I'm doing a cartoony wolf-whistle at these.

  2. these are so pretty. I wish I had the patience to wear gels. I love the squishy look.

  3. So much sparkle! I'm really digging these!

  4. I love the diversity of this brand's gel polish. I will give them that.

  5. These are beautiful!! How do you get the same exact pose everytime??!!! #bloggergoals!

    1. Thank you so much, swatched so many it's so easy now :)

  6. Oooo, that light gray silver glitter is gorgeous!

  7. Purple Rose Mirror, be still my heart! 😍