Wednesday, 12 October 2016

VB Line Gel Polishes

Swatches and Review 

Hi guys here are some more swatches of 
VB Line gel polishes, today's gels are some super lovely creme polishes. I do love a good creme polish, it's something about the smooth looking finish thats full of colour that I love.
478 Hot Pink.
593 Burgundy Red Metallic.
523 Electric Purple Metallic.
1057 Pink Rose Purple.
1069 Hot Pink Neon Rose.
960 Hot Pink Rose.
558 Rose Red Nude Burgundy.
804 Hot Neon Pink Rose.
663 Light Pink Rose Pastel.
These are all swatched with 2 coats, but if you like more coverage you can always apply 3. It's just like painting your nails with regular nail polish, as in a few careful strokes your nails are covered, and self levelling too. One thing I will add here is if I get any on my skin I always clean up before I cure. And if you find your fingers burn or the gel polish wrinkles when you've cured, it because you have apply the gel polish too thickly. Thinner coats are much better.
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