Thursday, 6 October 2016

VB Line Gel Polishes

Swatches and Review 

Here I am again with my usual reviews for VB Line. I have 8 gel polishes all with different finishes and colours, even some neon that look amazing even though Summer is over. I know throughout my posts on gels from VB Line I've been saying how awesome they are. Low to no odour and definately something for everyone, for glitter lovers, creme polish people, crellies, shimmery, thermal and more.
519 Ocean Blue Glitter.
428 Red Orange Gold Metallic.
428 Purple Plum Glitter.
1225 Dark Grey Gold Glitter.
1030 Pearl Shiny Gold Metallic.
517 Electric Blue Metallic.
1028 Light Pink Shiny Metallic.
811 Super Neon Pink Hot Rose.
From these metallic finishes to the glitters, each of these shades are truly gorgeous. The blues are mind blowing and the golden sheen on 1030 is divine. And the neon pink is just wowzers!
These and many more pretty shades can be found on or, and don't for to use my discount code below.
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