Friday, 14 October 2016

Charlies Nail Art Review

Bling Girly Nails

I've been looking forward to doing this review for Charlies Nail Art ever since I watched a video on YouTube by Suzie from Nail Career Education. I had no real clue the best way to wear these rectangular gems till now. My inspiration for my mani is from this video.
You get 8 gems for 79p and they are simply beautiful, curved edges and each measure 6mm x 8mm.
So my base was a pretty neon pink gel polish, which I applied a chrome powder for extra shine. Then I applied 2 of these rectangle gems, and smaller rhinestones with a no wipe gel topcoat.
Playing with my new light box :)

Now a few years ago a mani like this would have been a no no, but now I absolutely love it! The silver gems over the pink base is super pretty and a very girly bling look. I'm expectingthe gems to stay firm as they were stuck with a gel polish, and a perfect way to wear them.
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Stay safe and much love....