Tuesday, 24 October 2017

IZ Beauty of London

Purple Rain

Hi guys, hope I find you all well on this Tuesday. I'm good, the kittens are doing well and I can't believe they are almost a week old! Here's proud mummy and her 3 little mini me fur babies ♡
My all time favourite song is Prince Purple Rain, so this final review for IZ Beauty of London is on a loose pot of glitter also named Purple Rain.
I love how versatile these glitters are, I mean you can pour over wet polish, or mix with Clear clear polish and paint over your nails. For my look I paired this glitter with a little purple gel effect polish Wisteria Lane. Mixing some with clear polish, I layered a thicker full nail coverage glitter on 2 nails, then a thinner more watered down look. Top coated with
Plumpy gel effect topcoat.

Both full and sheer coverage with this glitter looks fab, and works so well with the pastel purple base polish. Applying the glitter in this way, I found easier as not only is it less messy, the larger glitters lay flatter, and you don't waste any glitter. Just a shame it's so dull and murky today, as this would look amazing in the sun.
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Stay safe and much love.....


  1. Gostei das unhas, bem bonitas, mas os gatinhos...muito amor!!

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  2. These are pretty! I loooove Prince. I got to see him in concert. Made the boyfriend go, who was so not into Prince. It became one of his top moments ever when Prince did Purple Rain at the end and all this purple confetti and streamers fell from the ceiling. Okay, I've written a novel.

    1. I bet it was an awesome and memorable experience ♡

  3. Aww. Thanks for the kitty update! Your purple nails are fab.

  4. Love the kitties! Are you going to spay mama when she's done feeding?

  5. Great purple. Congrats on kitties.

  6. Awww kitties! Pretty sparkly purple nails too!

  7. What cuties! I'm sure you are having so much fun with the babies! Love the purple nails.