Saturday, 7 October 2017

Kiara Sky

Dip Powder and Recycling System 

After an early start to watch the Japanese F1 qualifying, I'm all ready for this post. I don't normally blog of a weekend, unless I'm super busy. So many reviews and not enough days!!
This post sort of follows on from my nail drill review on Thursday. 
I have been wearing dip powder to protect my natural nails ever since they started recovering from the allergic reaction I had to gel. It's kept my nails strong so they can grow long, which is how I like them. I still have the last few defects from my reaction, but overall my nails have recovered well, and once painted you'd never know!
So what I have got for you today. Kiara Sky  dipping powders and their new Recycling System. The powder I used is Cream of the Crop, a gorgeous nude beige.
I won't bore you with the application process, as I'm sure with my previous dip powder posts you understand how these work.
I did a video that I had to voice over thanks to hubby!! I really don't like doing voice overs but hey ho!!

You can see in my photos, Cream of the Crop is a sheer nude and perfect for a French Manicure. Please excuse my natural nails and check out my video to see how the recycling system works. Is super easy, just scoop, pour, catch and re-use!

Thank you for stopping by, and if you have any questions regarding dip powder nails, please leave me a comment below.
Stay safe and much love....