Saturday, 12 November 2016

Poppy Nails

Lest we Forget 

With remembrance day yesterday, I have done my usual poppy nails as a mark of respect for all the fallen who gave their lives so we could live how we do today.
For my mani I had a white base colour and made reverse stamped decals from a Cooi stamping plate. As normal applied the dry decals to my nails with foil glue and matte top coated. 

 So striking how the red poppies stand out over the white and the matte finish completes the look.
Have a great and safe weekend, much love..


  1. Beautiful nails for Remembrance Day! I'm from a long line of military servers, and it always makes me tear up a little to see others keep those that served and passed in their thoughts.

  2. These are stunning! Beautiful job <3

  3. I love Poppies. Beautiful tribute.

  4. Such clean decals you made !! indeed beautiful tribute :)