Tuesday, 15 November 2016

VB Line Polishes

New Polish Launch 

Hi guys, just a quick post today and an exciting one too. VB Line is primarily known for their amazing gel polishes, but they have now ventured into normal nail polishes. There are 4 different sets to choose from and one of these was made with children in mind, and is a peel off polish that's safe for little fingers. 
There are 24 polishes to each set and are priced at £12.99 with free delivery and can be found on VB Line's eBay page. 
In cute heart shaped bottles with coloured lids, each polish is 8ml. These pictured above are the VB Kids peelable polishes, and the first of the new collections I'll be swatching first. My 12 year old daughter can't wait to try these herself, but I said I'll swatch them first! 
I'll be splitting each set into 2 post showing 12 colours in each, and busy watching as we speak, ready for tomorrow's post. 
You can find all the sets here if you'd like to look now..
So till tomorrow, have a great day and as always safe and much love...


  1. I can't wait to see your posts on these!! Definitely something my kid might be interested in!

  2. my kids would freak out over those hearts.

  3. How cute! My oldest loves to paint his nails, and he has his own peelable polishes!

  4. I'm excited to see what you do with these polishes. The bottle is adorable and that's a great price!

  5. How cute! I have similar bottles of some different polishes.Waiting for your swatches.

  6. I'm super excited to see these on you!