Monday, 7 November 2016

What's up Nails Review

Thorn Nail Vinyls 

Hey my lovlies, I'm here on this cold Monday in the UK with my last vinyl review for What's up Nails. These Vinyls are so pretty if you love a swirly design. You can find these Thorn Vinyls here.

To start my mani I used a peel off base and a green glitter gel polish from VB Line. Top coated and buffed to remove the shine. I've found that when using Vinyls with gel polish, they stick much better if the shine is removed.
Working on one nail at a time, I stuck the vinyl to my nail and sponged over with black polish. Again I sometimes find sponging polish gives better and cleaner coverage than painting the polish over. Removed the vinyl and carried on with the rest on my nails. Cleaned up and gel top coated. Finished!

Top coating again brings the shine back and these vinyls are so pretty. Especially over the glitter base.
You can find What's up Nails on Facebook
Instagram and Twitter.
I've enjoyed doing these reviews, and really liked these Vinyls, if you haven't tried them I'd recommend you go take a look on What's up Nails website as they have a great range of designs, plus other items too!
Stay safe and much love...


  1. I love seeing all of your gel polish nail art! These remind me of a pretty, old gate.

  2. wow. This looks like victorian wallpaper!

    1. Now you say that, I have to agree :)

  3. So gorgeous! I have these vinyls from them... need to break them out!

  4. Gorgeous mani!! Love the colors you chose!

  5. Great mani! The color combination is so pretty!

  6. Love your nails, they came out perfectly!