Wednesday, 16 November 2016

VB Line

VB Kids

So following on from yesterday's post, here are the first 12 swatches of VB Kids peelable polish from VB Line, that are sold in a set of 24 colours and can be purchased from eBay for £12.99.
*This post is content and photo heavy*
VB™ Line Kids nail colour is designed especially for children, it is a completely safe nail polish that simply washes off with soap and water. 
It does not contain volatile solvents that can easily be inhaled, there is notoluene, phthalates, bisphenol, dibutylphtalate and there are no paraben preservatives or nano molecules, all notoriously strong chemicals that are typically found in most nail colour.
With only food colourings and a fruity raspberry fragrance the nail polish does not require the usual acetone to remove it.
VB™ Line Kids by itself it will stay on until hands are washed with soap and water, it will last for 2 days or more.
What a relief no running around to find remover before school, no indelible stains on clothes or furniture and no worries for discerning parents about strong chemicals and preservatives.
Into my swatches.. Sadly these polishes only have numbers, but I suppose kids could name them too :)












A great mix of pretty colours and different finishes, from cream to shimmer. The patchyness for my first few swatches was my mistake, as although most of these could be a one coater, I applied 2 and the first wasn't completely dry. Then as I was swatching the others I noticed the polish goes on as the bottle colour, but dries a tad darker.
Still extremely pretty and a lovely shiny finish for a peelable nail polish. I added pink dots to the pearly white one to show they also can be used on top as easy nail art detail. Also the other white surprised me when it dried clear! Painted on very smoothly, and took about 10 mins total for 2 coats and drying time. But considering the length of my nails to a child's nails, this time might be quicker. Also check out my video showing how easily they peeled off. The yellow was over a white base, the pink over a naked nail.
Hoping to have the last 12 swatched for tomorrow, and I won't waffle on as much lol.
Stay safe and much love...


  1. Definitely going to be showing these to my toddler, but I'm guessing the yellow and one of the red will have to come stay with us, lol!

  2. the red is adorable. My kids are currently going through a "black" phase!

    1. Sadly no black in this collection, though I did get 2 of the same colour so maybe this missing shade is black!

  3. These are fun! Need some for my kiddo for sure. Kudos on that fab use of the word waffle! haha Made me giggle.

  4. These are such great colors! My daughter would love these!

    1. I liked that there are different finishes too :)

  5. What an interesting concept! Great for kids.

  6. Replies
    1. So much fun peeling them off lol x

  7. That's so fun that you can peel those off! I remember having a kit like that when I was a kid.

  8. These would be perfect for my little one as she likes to do the whole peeling thing lol.

    1. I so agree, something satisfying about peeling them off :)

  9. So cool, I loved watching them peel! That dotticure is adorable too!