Friday, 25 November 2016

Charlies Nail Art Review

Jewellery Box Nails

Hi guys, just a quick post today, as my daughter had another 2 teeth out yesterday in preparation for her braces, and needs some mummy love! 
When I saw these Dancing girl decals from
Charlies Nail Art I had no idea of the best way to wear them. After a few days of thinking I came up with an idea. You all must have seen or either had a jewellery box, that when you opened it a pretty ballerina moved round in a circle to music. 
This is what I have tried to recreate on my nails, minus the music of course!

You get 40 decals for only 49p. So I started with a pink fluffy cheese gel polish, and freehand painted a mirror with silver mirror polish. Carefully placed a dancing girl with a few dots of clear polish and done.

It was super hard to capture as the shine from the mirror polish, plus the shimmer from the decals. But a super pretty and girly mani.  I'm so happy how my thought transpired onto my nails.
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Next Friday I'll have another Christmas mani using some very pretty gems.
Stay safe and much love...


  1. These are adorable! I love how you utilized them.

  2. I actually never had a jewelry box like that growing up but I know exactly what you're talking about. Very cute nail art design with these!

  3. These are super cute but they may be too big for my tiny nails!

    1. They may look bigger the way I used them, but actually quite small x