Monday 4 August 2014

Inspired by Nails

Aurora Borealis - The Northern Lights

Hello all again :) The start of a new week and in August already! A new nail challenge has just started in one of the nail groups I'm in on facebook, called 'Inspire Me Nails'. The first one is Inspired By Weird and Wonderful Nature. Right away I knew exactly what I wanted to try on my nails. I think The Northern Lights are pure awesome and fascinating, just like I love rainbows, this is like a special night time light show rainbow. This is the image I saw on google while looking for inspiration for this mani, and the one I chose to try on my nails.

Just how spectacular does that look!
So to start I painted my nails with one coat of a navy blue.

Then sponged a black holo glitter on the base for the starry sky.

Then with these polishes and some sponge eyeshadow applicators I carefully sponged the colours on my nails.

With a thin lining brush and black polish I painted trees and the dark background. My first nail art in a while and I'm so happy with the outcome. What do you think? 

Even my cindy hand!

This is a 2 week challenge so I'm sure I'll be back with another manicure. I hope you like this one as much as I do :) Till next time stay safe and much love...