Monday 11 August 2014

Freehand Roses

Freehand Nail Art

Hey all again, hope you all have a fab weekend, and as promised I'm here with another favourite nail art. Freehand roses. I mixed this one up with some stripes on the tips of my nails. So I won't waffle on anymore lol.
A matte cream base I made a white sparkly angled tip on each nail.

 I painted the roses and used the same colours for the stripes on the sparkly tip.

Even my cindy hand came out good :)

My hubby said it reminds him of a circus ha ha, think that's down to the stripes. Definitely a very colourful mani for the last of the Summer weeks (though I really hope not). Well that's all for today's post, off to work out what I'm gonna try next...
Stay safe and much love..


  1. This looks awesome! You got talent, I could never freehand like this! I love the colour combo too =)

    1. Aw thank you. It has taken me lots and lots of practise to be able to do this.xx