Saturday, 16 August 2014

Pink Patchwork and Makeup review

Nails and Eyes

Hello again, I'm going to dive straight in to this post as I have lots of pics and bits to review from my Beauty UK prize package. 
I'll start with my nails first. Now I'm sure you all know how much I love Patchwork Nails! I have done another patchwork mani, but using the same colour polish in different shades.

Three coats of Hope, a nice polish from the Paint for Life Collection. I then used black acrylic paint to mark out the patchwork. Something I don't normally do when doing this mani.

I used Strength and filled in the smaller squares, and Beauty UK French white for some of the others.

Then using Love and Strength added dots, flowers and stripes.

Again with the acrylic paint for the tiny stitches to bring the mani together.

Topcoated with the 5 in 1 base and topcoat.

This topcoat was so nice to use, and dries quickly too. Another great polish in the Nail Care Range. But I wasn't looking for a shiny finish for this nail art. I only used this to seal all the paint and polish.

I think this looks so much better with a matte finish :) Although I was unsure of this style of patchwork at first, I love it now.
Next up is some of the makeup I also got. This is a bit out of my comfort zone as I don't really wear much makeup now.

Posh Palette no.2 Masquerade

Matte Bronzer no.1 Medium and Shimmer box no.1 Bronze

High Brow Eyebrow kit

CC Cream shade 10 Natural, Conceal and Correct no.1, CC Cream shade 20 Fawn, Conceal and Correct no.2, Eyeshadow Primer in Beige and Define FX Mascara in Black.

I started by moisturizing my face and then used both concealers mixed together under my eyes. Again I mixed both CC Creams together, and applied all over my face. I used the Bronze and the Shimmer box all over my face too.Defined my eyebrows with the kit and primed my eyes.
The concealer and CC Cream were both nice to use, leaving my face feeling soft. The eyeshadow primer was my fav of the lot as it made my eyelids feel soft and silky. I also used the darkest colour in the eyebrow kit to define under my eyes. 3 colours from the Masquerade Posh Palette eyeshadow. The primer made the shadow go on and smooth out really nicely. Finally the mascara. As it said on the label it is not clumping, leaving a nice coat on my eyelashes. All in all this make up range is very good and nice to apply, and great for a high street brand. Don't worry I'm not just leaving it there lol. Here is a before and after pic.....

The others in this range are..

Posh Palette no.1 Eden

Posh Palette no.4 Galaxy

Posh Palette no.3 Festival

Matte Bronzer no.2 Dark and Shimmer Box no.2 Rose

CC cream shade 30 Biscuit and Conceal and Correct no.3
So as you can see from these new Beauty UK products, there is something to suit everyone :)
All of these products are available from the Beauty UK web site, or Superdrug stores.

Hope you liked both parts of this review. I had fun doing it :)
Have a great weekend stay safe and much love...


  1. nice patchwork nails ! love it !

  2. Tracey I love this post! you did amazing with the mani I love the patchwork design I should give that ago myself hehe oh and I love the makeup look too great job :) xx

    1. Thanks Dawn. You should its such an easy and effective nail art. I like the makeup, but as I said it is out my comfort zone lol xx