Friday, 22 August 2014

Movie Inspired Nails

Let's go to the Movies

Hey all, its feel's like I've been away for ages, but sadly that's just called life!! Anyway I'm here again with another Inspired by manicure for the next theme, 'Let's go to the Movies'. I'm not really a film person, music is more my thing, but this has been a mani I have wanted to try and never got round to it. The film I have chosen for my inspiration is Burlesque, and have done a red corset nail art.

Polishes used for this mani from Beauty UK. I started with the pink from the French Manicure set. 3 coats in total to get the look I wanted.

 I have done a step by step photo for this mani.

The last thing to do is the lace up detail. and the finished mani looks like this. I love the way the dots add the detail and lace effect.

So happy with this and how it looks. Hope you like it too, would love to hear what you think, leave me a comment and I always reply :) 
Stay safe and much love...


  1. These look amazing! And thank you so much for the guide x

    1. Thank you :) As a freehand this was an easy one to do x