Wednesday 13 July 2016

Gel Polish Review

VB Line Gel Polishes 

Hi everyone, how are you all.this Wednesday?  I'm good and here with some gel polishes to swatch and review for VB Line. They a have a huge range of gel polish with different finishes and a whole rainbow of colours. Today I have 3 colours with a top and base gel to show you. 
They came packaged in a cute box.

As you can see the tops show the colour of each gel polish and the bottom has a holo sticker showing the shade number.
So to start while the sun was shining I tried the Purple Pink Glitter shade 154.
I applied a thin base coat and cured for 30 seconds. Then 3 thin coats of this stunning glitter, curing in between each coat. Then applied topcoat and cured again, wiped the sticky layer and done!

This glitter is super pretty, the purple and pink sparklies looks awesome in the sun, even in the shade this is lush.
Next up is shade 390, Shiny White Pearl. I have never seen a more beautiful white polish before, with a pretty purply tint in certain lighting.

Again I applied a think base coat, then 2 coats of this polish, curing in between each coat before applying the topcoat. The glossy finish is amazing.
Lastly shade 128 Super Shiny Black.

A great staple colour for anyone's collection. And this was so shiny even before topcoat. I found all of these gel polishes to be self leveling and so nice to work with.
Finally, as I like to protect my natural nails, I use a peel off base before base coat, it also peels straight off with help of an orange stick.

You can find VB Line over on Facebook and
Instagram, and if you check out my IG tbellew18 you can see these polishes in action!
Stay safe and much love...


  1. Hi Trace, what's the protected base you use? I might get into Gels a bit more if I can protect my natural nails. Thanks x

    1. Hi Wendy, I use Miss Sporty Peel off base it's only £2.99 and works great. So much better than soaking off with acetone and the gel stays on until you peel it off xx

    2. Thank you, will add to my shopping list!

  2. The pink looks so pretty in the sun!

  3. It's so satisfying when they pop off like that.

  4. Very pretty shades! Peel off base is the best thing ever.

    1. Thank you and it really is a great thing to have x

  5. That pink shade is lovely.