Friday, 20 February 2015

New Stamping Plate

Stamped Chalkboard Nails

Hey all, just a quick post today, I haven't painted my nails for 2 days, just haven't had the time. So today I wanted to try out a new stamping plate, but really not feeling it :( I'm also waiting on new polish that's being sent to me for a review.
So if you remember not that long ago I posted about some Pretty Chalkboard Polish I bought, and the freehand mani I did with them. Well I have a new plate and looking at it I thought of stamping a Chalkboard mani.
I painted my nails with the matte black from the Pretty polish and stamped designs from 2 plates and using these polishes.
This one I've had for a while, is a cheap dupe of Bundle Monster 2013 Holiday Collection, you can view the image from the plate here.

This is one of my many new plates and I bought this from a UK seller on ebay, and dispatch was super speedy :)

Look ok, but I'm not really pleased with them, and will try again when I'm feeling a bit better, and can take a bit more time, as I did rush doing these. I have a mani in mind for my normal Saturday nails, just hoping I feel well enough to do it!
So till next time, stay safe and much love...


  1. These are fab! Such a cool design! I have that jumbo plate from eBay and I love it. It works perfectly every time as is so good for the price x

    1. Thank you, sure is. I find that sometimes the cheaper plates work just as well as the expensive ones. Even though some are cheaper copies and the wait for delivery is longer x