Monday, 9 February 2015

Nail Foil Review

MUA Luxe Metallic Nail Foil

Hello all and let me start by saying sorry I had no post on Saturday, but I have been working on this long photo post for MUA on their 3 Luxe Nail Foils, (and having cuddles with my baby Granddaughter)
So to the foils, they come well and very nicely packaged in a very pretty and descriptive box.

They all come with a MUA Nail polish, a small pot of foil glue and 18 squares of foil, 3 sheets of each of the 6 colours. Names are Star Shine, Kaleidoscope and Supernova.

Star Shine

Pretty holographic foil, in a small speckled design and the polish is the same as Pistachio Ice Cream. The foil glue was a bit on the small size for the amount of foil you get in each one, but this is how I got on with trying this set.
After I had applied 2 coats of the polish and let it dry, I dabbed dots of the glue, (which was very sticky from the start) on each nail and waited for about 5 minutes before laying the foils over in nail.

Came out better than I expected! Sort of a rainbow leopard print look, and it was nice to see that all the foils went well the this shade of polish.


Again the polish is the same as Frozen Yoghurt, and the foils are so pretty, bigger shapes and still holographic. For this one I made stripes on each nail and here's how I done it..

I started with 2 coats of the polish, and used a thin nail art brush to paint the glue stripes. You can definitely mix up each nail or keep them the same. But as you can see, the pot of glue is small and you are very limited to what you can do on your nails with the applicator.


This polish is Bright Coral, and plain foils. I wanted to try something different with these, so using my foil glue I completely cover my nail after painting with 1 coat of polish.

Then carefully and in random places on each nail, I place different coloured foil. They stuck really well, and the overall look is stunning!

You can just make out the polish underneath in places, but I really love this look. Each colour complements the other and being plain foil creates the look too. You could easily do this with any of the Nail Luxe Foil sets.
My only criticism would be the foil glue. Although you can create different and pretty looking nails, the pot is very small. But saying that they are very good value for the price, and I would recommend these to anyone who loves nail foil. 
You can buy these direct from MUA here or from Superdrug here, priced at £5 each. Don't forget you can also follow MUA on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
Let me know what you think, whats your favourite, would you, or have you got any of these? I would love to hear your thoughts..
Stay safe and much love...

These were sent to me for review, and this is my honest opinion. 

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