Monday, 16 February 2015

Lead Lighting Nails

New Stamping Plate

Hello lovelies and Happy Monday to you all! I really wasn't planning on turning this manicure into a post, but as its something I've only tried once before, and I didn't really like how it came out the first time, so I thought I'd share with you all, as I like this one so much more..
Leadlight nails, like painting by numbers but without the numbers lol is such a fantastic look on nails. I have bought some new stamping plates just recently, and was sent one by mistake. I ordered plate 1 with loads of pretty Easter images, and was sent plate 10, still a pretty plate but disappointing when its not the one I purchased.

Anyway I like the tulip image and used this for my Leadlight nails, stamped using Pretty Black Polish and my Creative Stamper.

Just look how pretty this is.. For the colouring in part I used Sally Hansen Triple Shine Sheer Tints, and some I made myself.

I was going to do all red tulips, but then thought it would look nicer if they were different colours. This is before topcoat...

So happy with this, I mean how pretty do the look!! Like a field of multi coloured tulips :)
After topcoat..

This is definitely something I will try again, now I have more stamping plates I can use for leadlighting. 
Thanks for stopping by, stay safe and much love..

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