Friday, 28 June 2013

MUA Polish Converse Shoes

Converse Shoe Nail Art

Hello all, I have been doing some nail art this week, but not as much as normal. As this week has been a sad one, and the house has felt very strange. I wont waffle on to much, but I'll quickly explain. We got a cat from a rescue place 17 and a half yrs ago. She was a beautiful tortoise shell coloured, 6 month old kitten. We called her Tilly, and she loved boxes lol. Well it seemed like she would live forever, but sadly at 18 yrs old, old age got to her and she became very ill, and was sadly put to sleep on Monday :'( 

In the box and flattened the lid. RIP Tilly <3

So back to the nail art. I know this has been done before, but this is my version of the Converse Shoe Nail Art using MUA Nail Polish. Its very simple and easy to do, and then end result is really nice.

The colours I used were Pistachio IceCream, Bold Blue, Strawberry Crush, Bright Coral and the Love Heart in  U & I. But I also used All Nude as a base colour, and painted 2 coats onto the nails.

Then with each colour paint the bottom part of the nail, leaving a white tip. Again I did 2 coats of polish.

Not only does using All Nude give you the toe pat of the shoe, but it makes the other colours pop and more brighter :) Then with a thin detailing brush and black acrylic paint, paint a thin half circle in the white part, and with a dotting tool and silver polish, put 4 dots either side of the colour polish.

Again the the detailing brush, and white acrylic paint join the silver dots to make the laces. The back to dots join straight, and criss cross the others. I added some rhinestones to the toes part on some, to make a Bling Converse Shoes. Top coat and your done :)

Hope you liked this quick post. Have you done this design before, or would you try it? I'd love to hear your thoughts, and I'll always answer anyone who comments :) See you tomorrow for my Saturday Nail art, until then have a nice Friday evening..



  1. I love your Nail arts, you have a beautiful blog! I'm officially your 70st follower! x julia