Saturday, 22 June 2013

MUA Poptastic Eye Shadow Nails

Eye Shadow Nail Art

Wow its only been a week, but feels like I've haven't been here for ages. I have still been trying out different types of nail art and posting photos on my Facebook Page, Nutty About Nails And Polish. This week has flown past for me, up and down the school for different things, and nail art in between, then before I knew it the weekend was here again!! So this weekend I decided to do a nail art design that I have done before. The first one I ever did was inspired by Robin Moses, using eyeshadow. This time round I wanted a more bright and vibrant eyeshadow, so I was lucky to get the MUA Poptastic Palette from my local Superdrug, as its a very popular one!

Seems a shame to use such a beautiful palette on your nails, but the effect is so amazing, and very easy to do. Bit messy too lol, but all cleans up in the end. The only other things you will need to do this type of nail art if Nail Foil Glue. As this is what sticks to eyeshadow to the nails, and a fan brush to dust the eyeshadow from the nail after.

I painted my nails with one coat of white polish, and when dry a thin coat of foil glue. Its harder to see on white polish, you can just see the purple tinge around my nails. When this has dried clear (about 5 minutes) the glue is tacky enough to use. I made the mistake of thinking it was dry, and when I dotted on the eyeshadow it went all lumpy!! So I made sure I waited today ha ha...

Using these colours, and cotton buds for each colour, I made the pressed powder into a dust, and lighty dotted onto my nails.....

Then continued the same way with the other colours....

As I said earlier it does look and get a bit messy, but nail polish remover cleans everything up. Using the fan brush, gently brush the nails to remove the excess eyeshadow...

Shame there was no sun to catch just how stunning this looks :) Cleaned up and added a sparkly top coat.

Now I was not sure whether to leave my nails like this. Looks and shines beautifully, but its not me
lol. So I added some free hand stripes, using acrylic paint.

I love it :) and if the sun ever makes another appearance, I will add another photo here....

Would you or have you tried Eyeshadow nail art? What do you think? Would love to hear from you, and I always reply :)
Hope you all have a fab weekend, and till next time take care....



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