Saturday, 29 June 2013

Nail Nation Crackle Polish

Crackle Nail Polish

Back again! I forgot all about the crackle nail polish I bought this morning while on a shopping trip to Romford for my daughter to spend her birthday money, although her birthday isn't till tomorrow :) Went into the 99p Store and saw this Crackle Polish by Nail Nation. Three bottles in the box, bargain I thought, but then thinking of the rainbow crackle polish, I bought a while back, I didn't want to buy too many, although they had some lovely colours. So I was boring and bought the black and white one, the third bottle in each is a top coat for crackle polish. 

Each box had a white, a colour and a top coat. So I thought I'd try them out. Glad I only bought the one. The smell was disgusting, and could become over powering. The black crackled beautifully, The top coat didn't smear any of the polish, (as some can do) but as for the white!!! It didn't crackle at all. But for 99p, who could complain, apart from the smell, the black works great, would be good for making a leather effect look polish, and a top coat that worked well. Here are the nails I tried them on.

Have you heard of Nail Nation, or bought any of these yourself. I would love to hear your thought...



  1. I got them as a present and have the same problem. White doesnt crack. Havent tried the pink one yet.. Maybe this will work then as your black did. :D