Saturday, 17 May 2014

Football Nails

Nails for the FA Cup Final

Hello again! No water marble today lol, though I did enjoy doing them, I am glad that my week of them is over, as they are time consuming and I have used a whole bottle of white polish!!
So today is a special day in our house, being its the FA cup final. My eldest daughter has come over to watch as an avid Arsenal Supporter her whole life, and also a good footballer herself, with many trophies! 
So although I wouldn't call myself a proper football supporter, as this is a special day I thought I would do my nails to match the occasion.
I started with a white base, then leaving my ring finger and thumb white I painted the other with a very beautiful vibrant red polish from Technic called Pillarbox Red.

I made my own nail stickers by finding the pictures I wanted, making them small enough for my nails and printed them out on normal white paper. I did a test to make sure topcoat wouldn't make the ink smudge. Cut them out and stuck them to the white nails with topcoat. When I showed my daughter she was so happy with them. What do you think?

I love the red Technic polish, and I'm not normally one to leave my nails a plain colour! So all I will do with these when football has finished is take the stickers off the white nails painted them red. I do like stickers, but find myself picking at them! Hope you like this manicure..
Have a great weekend whatever you're doing and stay safe and much love..


  1. I was having a little browse on your blog, and I came across these! I love them! I need to try out your method of making decals.

    1. Thank you :) I did end up picking them off during the match lol x