Saturday, 10 May 2014

Born Pretty Store Review

Studs and Foil From Born Pretty

Happy Saturday and hello again. Today I have another review for you all, sent to me from the Born Pretty Store. Two totally different nail looks, and something I was excited to use. So as this post will be photo heavy lets start. Also my first review for Born Pretty, so there will be a lot of info too :)

Spike rivet nail studs in gold, which you can find here, and the floral nail foil here

I started with the gold spike studs first, smaller than I was expecting but so cute!

I Used Claire's Leather effect polish. Red for my ring finger and thumb, black for the rest of my nails. The Barry M gold and Konad black I will used for stamping.

Two coats of each colour, no topcoat. Love the effect and texture of this polish.

As you can see I stamped a gold swirl image on the black nails, and I did the same image on the red nails in black, but as it didn't show up too well I re-stamped over with the gold.

To add the studs I used an orange stick to dot a small amount of clear polish where I wanted each stud, placed them and carefully pushed the down. Love the finished effect, and how the studs look..

 Great look for a night out especially if you have matching shoes or jacket! But saying that I would wear this anytime, don't think my washing up gloves would last long though ha ha. The studs are the perfect size, they don't look too big on the nails for size and height. For added strength you you attach them with a small dot of nail glue.

Onto the foil. I love floral look nails, but my first impressions of this foil was would it suit my skin tone.

Comes in this handy screw top pot.

Not a solid colour like most foils.

Cut 10 pieces and turned them over so I knew what side to stick to my nail. Easy mistake to make, but the underside has a matte look to it.

Painted my ring fingers with Maybelline Banana Pudding, and the rest with Candy Purple by Wet 'n' Wild. Two coats no top coat.

Once the foil glue was dry I worked on one nail at a time and stuck the foil, rubbing down over the nail. Oh my how wrong were my first thoughts of the foil! So so pretty and every nail has different flowers. Looks like a pretty garden on a Summer's Day! So will be using this again and trying out other base colours. Take a look..No top coat.

Then I added topcoat, and I think as this foil has a clear background the cracking than normally happens with topcoat didn't.

I like both these manicures, hard for me to choose a favourite. What one do you like, or like me do you like both? Feel free to leave me a comment.

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  1. This foil is very pretty, I like it!

    1. I wasn't too sure when I first saw it, but once on my nails is so beautiful x

  2. Love those studs ....just the perfect size......and that floral foil is so beautiful xxxx great blog post hun xxxxx