Monday 26 May 2014

La Femme Matte Polish

La Femme Matte Polish Swatch and Review

I've have been very busy working on this blog post, painting and taking photo's as I have 9 La Femme Matte Polishes to show you. I purchased these beauties from ebay for the bargain price of £6.56 with free P&P. They were delivered very quickly and packaged very well, in a nice size box filled with plastic airbags to stop any breakage. I also wasn't expecting them to come in a pretty display box either. If you would like to buy these the link is here. As this will be a heavy photo post too, lets start...

No Flash
With Flash
I didn't want to take them out the box lol, but here they are..

No Flash
With Flash
All the different sets available listed on the back of the box. 
I was excited to swatch these as they say they are a matte polish, but I also wanted to see what they would look like with a white base. So I swatched each polish like this..and two coats of each polish...

Pink and Ring finger one coat of white polish, base coat on the others.

As I said this is a heavy pic the first polish is Nude. Two coats, but possibly could do with three over natural nails. Nice to apply, not streaky and a good drying time. I would say this one had a slight pink tinge, but still a pretty colour.

Not really the matte finish I was expecting so I did try a matte topcoat and it give the polish a rubbery matte look. Which I ended up doing with all the colours. So the photo's of me holding the Tatty Teddy cup are with the matte topcoat.

The next is Brown Satin..

This was a more streaky polish to apply, but still nice. A milk chocolate look (mmmm yummy lol) This one had a bit more of a matte finish, but I still applied a matte top coat, and again a rubbery look, which I liked.
Next up is Rock & Folk..I have to say my least favourite colour from the whole set, as yellow really doesn't suit my skin tone.

Definitely a rich egg yolk/mustardy colour, I did like the look of this polish more on my nails than in the bottle, but it still doesn't suit me! But for a yellow polish I can say it wasn't streaky to apply at all.
Cafe Monceau next..

This one has more of a glossy finish on the base coated nails, than the white base nails. A very pretty musky pink. Nicely pigmented for such a cheap branded polish.


Much more of a rich vibrant red on my nails than it looks in the bottle. Again a glossy finish, so I have no idea while these are called Matte!!


A pretty orangy/peachy/coral polish, not so much shine with this one, and more of a matte look over the white based nails. I do really like this shade, perfect for Summer.

The first of the purples is Next (no really that is the name!)

This one is more of a dusky lavender. It reminded me of the Parma Violet sweets lol. No streaking, and not a big gloss or matte finish..

Soul, the second purple..

Oh my what a pretty shade of purple! But again sadly another glossy finish. The last colour is one I liked though I'm not really a green polish person..I loved the name too!

Oh La La

I must say I really like this shade of green, but disappointed that this had the glossiest finish from them all. I mean after all the reason I bought them is for the matte look!  But for the price I can really complain, and they are pretty colours, very well pigmented, nice to apply and have a good drying time. If I'm honest though I would say I prefered them with the added matte topcoat, as it gave a rubbery look, and I really like that finish. The matte top coat I used was by MNY.

So over all I would say these are definitely worth the money even though they are not entirely matte polishes. I would love to hear your thoughts on these :) I will also be trying to see if they water marble, as I know La Femme are great for this!

Water marble done using Downtown and Oh La La :)
Thanks for reading, till next time..
Stay safe and much love..


  1. When I first got into blogging my first mini haul was a set of La Femme nails polish, excellent value for money and I do still go back to them from time to time! Fab post Trace x

    1. Thanks hun. I do love these polishes, you really can't go wrong for the price x

  2. Great post - what a fab selection of colours for the price. Odd that they call them matte when they clearly aren't!

    1. Yh that is the puzzling bit! But still pretty colours x