Monday 8 January 2018


Water Droplets 

I officially hate the cold! Just when I thought I had recovered from the flu I had over Christmas, BOOM it's back, trying to sleep when you just can breathe properly is awful.
Anyway enough moaning, I mean it's just a cold!
So to go with the horrid weather I have these Water Drop effect full nail decals from Milvart.
With a vertical blue gradient base the water droplets look so realistic. Again like most of the full nail water decals from Milvart, these have the curved cuticle area and are transparent in colour so a white base polish is needed.

I much prefer these with a matte top coat, as a glossy one took away some of the effect. Great quality decals and if you've not tried them I'd so recommend you do if you love water decals.
Facebook and Instagram are the two places you can check out Milvart.
Stay safe and much love.....