Thursday, 18 January 2018


Nautical Water Decals 

Hi friend's. How's the weather where you are? Here in the U.K. it's rather windy, so much so that it woke me during the night and I laid in bed listening to it howling, followed by lots of bangs and clashes!
If you like all things nautical then these full nail water decals from Milvart are for for you.
The mix of blue and white stripes with the golden details are perfect, I also like the added floral arrangement. So over a ready dried white base and a matte finish, these decals are so pretty.

They are super easy to apply, hardly need any time in water, enough slide for perfect placement and easy to clean up any excess. So if you've not tried Milvart water decals before please do as I'm sure you will love them just as much as I do!
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Stay safe and much love.....