Saturday, 18 February 2017

Happy Birthday To Me!

Birthday Bling

So how are you all? I'm good and was up early, not because its my birthday, but so I could do all my usual chores, plus look after these 2 cuties. They are 3 weeks old now.
I started the base yesterday, but was unsure it would be suitable for the gems I wanted to add, so I removed it but got a pic first.. .
So starting again this morning, I applied 2 coats of Models Own Polish For Tans Island Hop.

Such a gorgeous pink, to which I applied a water based polish as I was using Born Pretty Store Chrome Pigment number 3. Although it's not a perfect chrome finish like with gel polish, you can still use chrome pigments with regular nail polish. The one I use is from VB Kids peelable polishes number 13.
To protect the chrome, I add another coat of the water based polish, then my usual top coat.
With resin, I blinged up my nails with different size gems from eBay.
Each nail has a different look, but totally awesome, something I wouldn't have been able to wear a few years ago, but absolutely love it now!

Just love the whole combination of this mani. The completed look came together so well, and just rocks.
A perfect mani for today :)
That's all for today, have a great weekend and as always safe and much love...


  1. Love that pink! So bright. And the gems add just enough bling.

  2. Your kittens are adorable! I hope you are having a wonderful birthday!

  3. Happy Birthday! This was a great choice. I love the fun bright base with the added sparkle.

  4. Such a great birthday mani! Hope you had a great day! And I love the kittens.

  5. Happy birthday, and how cute are those little angels!! Love both polishes and your gems look like raindrops on the pink. :)

  6. Omgsh those kittens are ridiculously cute!!! I hope that you had a fantastic birthday!