Friday, 24 February 2017

Charlies Nail Art Review

All Aboard!

Friday at last! This week has really dragged for me, but at least I've caught up with my reviews. Which brings me nicely to today's from Charlies Nail Art.
Today I have some super cute metal sliced decals in the shape of a Ship's Anchor. For 75p you get 25 decals that measure 7mm x 6mm, and are bronze on one side and black on the other.
How cute do these look, and a nice size decal too. I made 2 different but similar looks with these,  and both the bronze and black colours look so lovely.

Both sides of these decals are equally beautiful and have great detail. Easy to apply with topcoat or nail glue, and these can even be worn with gel polish or even encapsulated in clear acrylic.
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Have a great day and as always safe and much love...


  1. I love the bronze with the nautical theme!

  2. What cute little anchors! I think this might be one of my favorite manis from you!

    1. Thank you so much for your lovely comment x

  3. Those are so pretty! I love the copper/brass look of them.

  4. The bronze with the nautical theme is just stunning!

  5. These are so cute! I love that bronze side. In the baggie I thought they were going to be bigger. This is the perfect size!