Saturday 23 April 2016

St. George's Day Nails

Freehand Roses

Hey all, I'm sitting waiting for the postman as I'm expecting some nail mail today. I have also done some freehand painting on my nails for St . George's Day. It's been ages since I did a freehand mani, and it made a nice change. 
I painted my nails with a white base yesterday so they were completely dry for today. On my ring finger I did the St George cross flag with red polish and foil, then painted red and white roses with acrylic paint, added leaves, top coated and done. 

Such a simple yet elegant look, that I really love. I even done my cindy hand! I really must try some more freehand mani's, as I really enjoyed painting this one.
Have a great weekend and stay safe, much love....


  1. Those roses are really cute, great freehand work!

  2. Beautiful mani! I am unfamiliar with St. Georges Day, I will have to look that up :)

  3. Thank you, my bad I should have mention St George is the Saint of England famous for George and the Dragon story x

  4. Such a gorgeous mani, I love how the roses turned out.

    1. Thank you, I found a really easy way to paint them x

  5. Beautiful!! We celebrate saint goeorges also in spain!!