Saturday, 30 May 2015

Freehand Flowers

Flower Garden

Happy Saturday everyone! And here we are, the last weekend in June. I wanted to do a special nail art, but had no clue what. That was until I watched a video on Youtube of freehand Vintage Flowers by Lacquerstyle. I lost count how many times I watched this, just to understand how she paints these awesome flower's. As me and one stroke don't get on atm. My freehand is slowly getting better that's why I wanted to give this a try.
I'll admit I was excited to do this mani, although I didn't have any big expectations! I mean I was planning on it looking like a mess, blobs instead of flowers!!
Anyway I made a pink gradient using these polishes.

I normally paint freehand with acrylic paint,  but seeing Lacquerstyle use nail polish I thought I'd try the same. I sorted these complementary polishes to go with the pink gradient. 

Armed with a few thin nail art brushes it was time to start!
I painted the roses with the 3 shades of pink, the other flower's with the 2 purples and cream polish, and the 2 greens for foilage. Worked on both hands taking my time, and finished with a matte topcoat. Well I can say I am so proud of myself!  I'm super pleased, over the moon with how these came out, even on my cindy hand :)
What do you think?

Without the video I would never have tried this nail art, so a big big thank you to Lacquer Style  :) I can see me keeping this on for a while..
Thanks for reading, have an awesome weekend and as always stay safe and much love...


  1. beautiful freehand nailart hun well done :) xx

  2. Great, I love it! Enjoy the weekend!

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  3. I love it matte, you should definitely be proud of this!

  4. These turned out fantastic!!

  5. I wish I could free hand like this - they are beautiful!