Wednesday 8 January 2014

Brightening Polish Review

Pretty Nail Brightening Polish

Hey all :) just a quick review today on a polish I got from ebay. Its by Pretty and claims to make your natural nails look brighter. If your nails are anything like mine, then from non stop polish wear they have gone a dull yellow colour. Although I don't normally go out without my nails painted, I wanted to see if this polish did make my natural nails look any different. It was only £1.79 and free P&P, I know Poundland have Pretty displays, but I haven't seen this on them, and really wasn't even looking for it, just happened to be looking for another polish when I saw this from this seller. Not that I'm embarrassed by how my nails look, but I apologize before hand on the photos of them!!

The first set of photos are from last night, as I couldn't wait to try this out lol.

Bare naked nails yuk!!

Two coats of the polish.
In unnatural lighting I can notice a slight difference. It hasn't made my nails look whiter, but then it wasn't claiming too, and I think thats what I was expecting to see! But they do look brighter than normal. I found myself walking from room to room just to see!! Now this is just a polish, not a nail treatment, so it will be interesting to see my bare nails when I take this off, so I can show you again but in natural daylight this time.

Bare naked nails again!

Two coats of brightening polish.

Not sure if its just natural daylight but my nails although dry looking, do look a bit brighter. But its after I painted two coats of this polish on and managed to catch a bit of sunshine, that they do look different. Could it be the shine from the polish, or it does trick your eyes into thinking they look brighter I have no idea. But for £1.79 its not a bad polish. Would I buy it again, most probably but it just depends how often I'd use it, as I don't normally go round with naked nails!! Not sure how well this would be as a base coat, for protecting nails from polish staining. So I will use my base coat on top of this. It does dry pretty (no pun intended lol)
quick and with a nice high shine finish. The only down side was the smell. But as it dries quick and I'll only use this now and again I can live with that.
What do you think, and would you consider trying this polish?

Looking forward to my Saturday nails, something special for my Mum <3 
Enjoy the rest of your week and stay safe....


  1. Great post Tracey.I wanted to see if this works as you say it has brightened them but its not a nail treatment.I wonder if you have tried the Collection Nail Bright instant whitener? I have tried this and it works.I tried it when my nails was stained with a dark polish and it took the darkness right out and brightened my nails.worth a try I think. :)

    1. Thank you, they do look brighter when I look at them, not painted them yet!! I'll have a look for the Collection one, thanks for the heads up :) x