Thursday 13 December 2018

The Edge Nails

Annika Polishes

Hi guys, hope you are well and not getting too stressed with all the things to do for the coming holidays! I'm back today with another review as Brand Ambassador for The Edge Nails. Today I have swatched 3 of the Annika polishes, that are just perfect for both Christmas and New Year.
The shade names are Glass Slipper, a holographic glitter topper,  Deep Velvet, a rich looking deep wine red shimmer, and
Beauty Queen, a burgundy creme.
All swatches are with 2 coats of colour and no top coat, first up is Deep Velvet and just look what a stunner it is with a super glossy finish. Photos taken in natural and artificial light.

Then I added 1 coat of the glitter topper Glass Slipper.
Beauty Queen is so creamy and I also wanted to show you a bottle shot.
2 coats gave perfect coverage and again no topcoat and super shiny finish.

Glass Slipper is a super pretty glitter topper, the glitters disperse over the nail evenly, and the rainbow sparkle in the light is amazing.
There are many beautiful shades in the range to choose from and they would make a fabulous christmas present for anyone who loves polish! Should you treat yourselves over on The Edge Nails website, Please use my discount code NUTTYABOUTNAILS10.
I have another 3 Annika shades plus The Edge Nails Matte top coat to share next time, and I'll possibly do a swatch video so you can see how lush these polishes are.
In the mean time why not take a look at their
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Stay safe and much love....


  1. These are stunning, especially Deep Velvet. Wow.

    1. Thank you so much, Deep Velvet is my favourite too -♡