Friday, 21 July 2017

Charlies Nail Art Review

Chocolate Donuts

Well I made it! Another year of school over, 6 weeks of early mornings as I know I'll still wake up early, but knowing I don't have to get up is just fab!!
So anyway back to this post for Charlies Nail Art. Today I have these yummy 3D Chocolate Donuts nail gems.
You get 2 very detailed donuts for 29p in brown or pink, and they measure 10mm round with a flat back.
For my base I made a chocolate cream swirl look by painting my nails with a dark brown polish, and while still wet adding blobs of a lighter brown polish and swirling them round with a pin. Once dry I top coated and placed the donut on my ring finger

The flat back help secure the donut firmly on my nail, and what a fun look for a party, or National Donut Day lol.
As always my discount code is here for you to use over on the new look Charlies Nail Art website, and FacebookInstagram and
Twitter are all the places you can check them out too.
Have a great weekend.
Stay safe and much love....


  1. Lol donuts! I would rip these off so quick.

  2. Your swirls look awesome. Now I want a donut. Lol

  3. I would totally rock this on National Donut Day! :)

  4. For a second I thought the first photo was real donuts...haha! You make your nail art so much fun!

  5. These charms aren't for me, but your mani is flawless, like usual!

  6. Lol that's so fun! I love that you created a swirly base to go with the theme.