Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Inspired by Nails

Red and Gold

With my swatching hand making a good recovery and a much improved look on each nail I'm hoping I'll soon be able to start swatching on it again. But for now I'm still using my cindy hand and with painting my nails since the beginning of the year, I've become so much cleaner when painting them and finding it easier when trying out nail art. So with this in mind today's mani is inspired by Madicures on IG. I came across her Christmas mani from 2012, and just loved the colours and crisp clean lines. Depending on the base colour this man could be worn anytime if the year. 
My base is a deep red from 2true.

A stunning vampy shade. I left to totally dry then applied striping tape at an angle across each tip. I then painted Sally Hansen Golden-I and carefully removed the tape, leaving stunning clean crisp lines.

I adore how elegant this mani is, and so easy to do too! I'm also liking my new look photos :)
That's all for today, stay safe and much love....