Monday 21 October 2019


Pop Art Halloween 

So I have the next Halloween bling pot from Yayoge today. I was planning on using the last 2 pots for 1 review, but the last pot is my favourite, so I'll be using it for my Halloween mani for the 31st October. 
Today's pot is number G309.
 Again a gorgeous mix of micro beads and coloured pebbles, and the larger charms are a masquerade mask, Halloween faces and pop art lips.
So I decided to try a Pop Art Halloween look!
What do you think?
The charms have slightly curved backs and adhered to my nails nicely with just top coat. Definitely a different and unusual look for Halloween.
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Stay safe and much love......


  1. Pretty cool mani :-D and cool charms :-D

  2. That is the coolest set of nail charms ever! Love how they are presented and I want to use them all! Off to browse their site!

    1. Thank you, the last set is my favourite and will be using it next week 😊