Tuesday 8 October 2019

Yayoge Halloween

Pots of Bling

I'm excited to be sharing this post, as these pots of bling from Yayoge are so pretty and just me right now!
There are 4 in total and I'll be reviewing each separately, just so I can show you how gorgeous they are!
The first one I'm using is item number G310.
I love the mix of items in each pot, this one has small colour pebbles, micro beads and a fab selection of larger charms, perfect for Halloween.
So I picked these to apply on my painted black nails, and stuck them with regular topcoat. 
They adhered nicely and stayed in place for 3 days! I even went for a hospital appointment wearing them and received so many compliments!

I can't wait to try the others!
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Stay safe and much love....


  1. This is stunning. I like little gems and charms, but I tend to pick at them lol!

  2. That mix looks so fun in the jar!

  3. Such a fun mix! I love the Jack Skellington!