Tuesday 24 September 2019

Freehand Roses

Just for you Mum

Hey all, if you follow me on YouTube and watched my latest video on nail mail, you would have seen some new liner brushes and acrylic paint I purchased especially for today's mani. 
Since my Mum passed I've always created a special rose mani in memory of her.
And today's is inspired by Robin Moses.
Instead of doing a french manicure though, I did a pink to white ombre, then following Robin's video, I step by step painted the freehand roses. 
I'm super super happy with how these look, but if I could change one thing I'd probably make the roses a bit lighter. Saying that though this is the best ever freehand I've ever done!
Happy birthday Mum, and thank you to Robin Moses for the amazing freehand look you do! ❤
Stay safe and much love....